The journey of the establishment of Dar Al Salam Islamic Center (DAIC) began in December 2005. The goal was to establish a mosque in the city of Dearborn Heights, MI that would operate upon the noble Islamic principles of Ahlus-Sunnah wal Jama’ah. The Board of Trustees searched diligently for an adequate building for this mosque, and lack of sufficient funds called for an adjustment of plans. In November 2009, members of the community decided to rent a space in a shopping plaza in Garden City. For the next five year, this space would serve as a musallah for the community. In June 2014, the Board of Trustees felt a strong need for establishing a full-fledged mosque, and so they began the search for an appropriate building and location. They identified a very suitable and appropriate sized building in the city of Westland. During Ramadan of that year, a fundraising Iftar was organized. All praise is due to Allah, the fundraising was successful and the building was purchased under a land contract. After a couple of months of renovation, the new mosque opened its doors on December 1, 2014. The building costs have since been paid off, and several new renovations have been completed. Among them was a complete rebuilding of the bathrooms for men and women, external brick lining of the building, brand new HVAC units, new high efficiency windows, and a 100% coverage security camera system. Today, the Dar Al Salam Islamic Center (DAIC) establishes the five daily prayers, theĀ Fridayprayers, and the two Eid prayers.